VS2017 Extension

I edited the extension.vsixmanifest file in the RCPackage Extension to change v14 to v15 and got the installer to install the extension just fine, it did however pop up a warning that it might make VS2017 unstable. Is that just generic or is there some reason I should not be used that extension in VS2017?

(fwiw its working fine for last few days)

We’re in the process of testing the Visual Studio 2017 extension. Perhaps you can wait a few days?

Hi Dale.

I have been using it like that for some time now without any glitches.

When you release the official vs2017 one ill install it.

Thank you.

Yes, we could not just change the manifest to add support for VS2017 because Microsoft warns against that (and also warns the user, as you can see). So, we rewrote the extension to use version 3 of the manifest, which requires also all items to be changed.

Thank you. I was in a bit of a rush, because the new nameable tuple returns in c# 7 allowed me to overcome a few issues in some classes I had built.

Again, for what its worth its been working fine, not a single crash or glitch as yet.

hey guys, has this been updated yet? I had to edit the grasshopper visx yesterday too to get it to install?


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Sweet! Thank you

Hello to all,
it is possible to have a VS17 template for rhino5?
if not, there is a guide to follow to use VS17 and target Rhino5?

thanks in advance

Start a new project with the vs2017 RhinoCommon or GH template, then change the references to Rhino 5 RhinoCommon.dll. Alternatively, you can use the RhinoCommon Nuget Package for Rhino 5.

Rhino 6 RhinoCommon template also references RhinoUI.dll and Eto.dll. You’ll need to remove those.

Thanks, just did it, and it works
thanks a lot
have a nice day

Oh, I forgot, if you debug through vs, you’ll need to change the debug application to Rhino 5 in the project properties.