.vrscene question



trying to do some tests with QARNOT render farm and I think you can load up a .vrscene file… I have created this via the export command in rhino and all looks ok… But when I load up to the render farm the textures are missing… This might be a workflow issue on my side but is there a flag that I should be setting to include all textures?

thank you for your help


(Marc Gibeault) #2

It’s difficult to test because we can’t import vrscenes in Rhino yet.


Their support say I must work with relative paths… can I do that with my scene in Rhino?

(Andrea Montis) #4

maybe you can try to pack the scene first, in this way you should have all the texture in the same folder of the file… then unzip the packed scene,open the rhino file, make the vrscene.,


so I am back working on this issue!
Due to the new release of Vray 3.6 for Rhino I have been testing the export .vrscene and then uploading to QARNOT render farm …

so the issue is with all the textures and additional files required. see this

there must be an easy way to put all my textures /files in one folder so I can then upload just this folder…