Vrayclippingplane showing different

hello all

i’m facing a problem with vrayclippingplane so my perspective showing like this

but my vray is showing thiis

i don’t know whats wrongg

Hello Vrayclippingplane has been advertized as like magic, but in reality it seems like it works only with very very very clean geometry. At least my experience says all the geometry should be closed solids and should not have self-intersections. Try “cap” command, it might fix the problem quickly.

@laraskensati Vray try to close open objects at the cutting plane. But like @mikity_kogekoge writes, if the source object isn’t perfect closed, than you get problems, wrong areas get a closed cutting plane.
If you can’t close a source objects, than I would disable the automatic drawn cutting planes by disabling “use object material” and set the material “none”.

@Peter.Chaushev What do you think, could Vray get an option so that it doesn’t try to close any cutted edge? Some times it could be good, if Vray would work like the Rhino clipping only.
EDIT: Maybe a max size option could help or an option like “use Rhino clipping”.