Vray Worksession Rendering


We have just upgraded our Vray license to Vray for next.
We used to render using work sessions and it worked fine. Now when we try to render all we get is a blank grey image.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem ? Is it a material mapping issue ?


Hello, Matthew,
There is an issue in v4.00.01 preventing worksessions from being rendered correctly. Our developers are aware of it and working towards a solution. Functionality should be restored with the upcoming v4.00.02 minor update.

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Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA Specialist

Hello @Peter.Chaushev,

Has this issue been fixed? We have noticed that area lights from referenced files don’t render at all in Vray Next.

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Hello, Simon,

Thank you for posting in this thread!
Full worksession support in V-Ray for Rhino has remained low on the dev team’s to-do list for quite a while.
Currently, special objects (proxies/fur/clippers/lights) are not supported.
The original issue involving standard geometry was fixed back in v4.00.02.

The priority of this feature, as well as potentially how challenging it is, will be reevaluated next month.

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