VRay Using 99% of Physical Memeory (DIdn't happen in past)


I have an HP Zbook with 32GB RAM and usually can render high resolution images with VRay and still work on other programs. Lately Vray has been taxing the available physical memory on my computer to 99 percent. I am not sure why this happened all of a sudden. I have enough available memory on my HD (10GB Free now).

I only have Chrome open other than Rhino. Maybe I need to update NVIDIA drivers? PSD gave me a notification about that yesterday, but I don’t think that that would cause the issue.

Any ideas would be very helpful.
Thank you.

If anyone has this issue, it is a problem with the Dynamic Memory Setting in the Vray Options. Find the correct calculation for your ram. For 24 GB of RAM use 22,600 and so on. Also, tuning off Displacement in Vray Settings speeds things up for interiors.

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Actually you should set your dynamic memory limit to a lower amount. If you want to do other stuff while rendering you should take into account the amount of memory your browser needs to run.

Do this: (Question) How to Utilize all 16 GB RAM with Vray?
Leave your browser open see how much memory is taken.

Thanks Filipe,

I see your point. Fortunately, the dynamic memory value for 24 GB worked great for me and allowed me to use Photoshop and another version of Rhino while only using 20GB of my 32GB RAM. I should probably lower it next time you are right. I have been monitoring with the Task Manager.

High RAM usage? Maybe bad objects are at the scene or something other is wrong in the model. For looking bad objects you could hide the half of your scene - if it render fine, test the other half of the scene … .