Vray proxy not displayingwith fewer meshes


(Anna) #1

Hi everyone,

i have some issues with Vray 3 proxys.

When I write a proxy, I only get the options to ‘replace objects with new proxy’ and ‘make seperate vrmesh for each object’. I remember from the previous Vray that there were also options about the number of meshes to display in a loaded proxy.

Anyway, when i write it like that, and then try to import it, it just nicely imports a mesh that looks exactly the same. The properties window says it’s a mesh (not a proxy?). But in the Vray objects, it is displayed as a proxy.

Stil, since there is no reducing of the amount of shown meshes, I wonder if the whole proxy idea is working like this?

What am I overlooking?


I remember Chaos Group saying you should be able to change Proxy display on the fly. Switching between box, reduced amount of polygons or reduced number of meshes…

Maybe it’s the “Preview type”: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYRHINO/V-Ray+Proxy+|+VRayProxy