VRAY for Rhino simple animation with fixed camera

Long time Rhino4 + VRAY 1.5 user but first time attempting an animation sequence. I have a simple model of a clock in a viewport and want to animate the hands on the clock moving round the face. So the camera is always at a fixed point relative to the viewport. I have been reading and watching online tutorials but they all seem to focus on moving the camera along a line through the model. A much more complicated task than what I am trying to do.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or instructions for a simple animation with VRAY using a fixed camera and view with objects moving inside of that view???

While less than ideal, I’m even willing to manually put together seperate frame by frame renderings but am hoping to automate that instead.

Please let me know if I should post this question in a VRAY forum instead and perhaps suggest a specific forum to use…

Thanks for the help & direction!!
Chet Douglas
Inspiredezigns LLC

It’s not a question of the render engine, Rhino needs to turn the hands. Only I know Bongo for this task.

Thanks Micha! I have Bongo from my original Rhino 4.0 bundle from years ago so I will install it and try that out.

Thanks again for the info!

have a look at this. It is for version bongo 2.0