Vray for Rhino scripting question

Hi talented people!

the question comes in two steps:

  1. is there a complete documentation somewhere of how to call VRay functions directly from rhinoscript C# or rhinoscript python? Or are people encouraged to utilize VRay for grasshoper instead?

  2. so basically just trying to pick up rhinoscript python by writing my own batch render script with auto lens shift per view. Working in an Architecture firm batch render without lens correction is just useless. It’s a pretty straight forward script, but without having access to VRay functions, I had to call Rhino render command to enable auto render and auto saving, and here comes the problem: half way through the batch render process, say the 3rd out of 5 views, if I see something wrong, I want the script to stop running after it recognizes I manually pressed stop rendering in the VRay frame buffer window, so I don’t have to wait for the scene to be reloaded and hit the stop button 2 more times;

is there a way to do that? It’s theoretically very easy to do if there is a VRay render function that has a bool output telling me whether the render went to 100% or not, does anyone know what that function is or any work around?

Thank you so much in advance

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@Jun_Wang, have you seen the discussion and code examples here ?


WOW really helpful thnx!

hi clement,
I went to the directory you guys talked about:
but that folder does not exist, do you know if Vray 3.0 now have a different folder entirely?


i am not sure as i am using VRay version 2. Have you searched for a file named VRayForRhinoExports.h ?

@matt_newberg may have a better answer so i’ll include him here.