Vray for Rhino 2.0 Compatibility

I have Vray 2.0 and want to know if it’s compatible with Bongo 2.0.

I also want to know how it works with Octane.


I believe VRay and Bongo are compatible. Octane is a different render engine… are you asking if
(a) VRay is compatible with Octane or if
(b) Octane is compatible with Bongo?

Bongo does not list Octane as a compatible renderer.

Hi @ledisnomad thanks for the info.
Vray is in the list of compatible renderers that work well with Bongo, and I know that vray for rhino 1.5 works well, but the new version 2.0 may have some issues and I want to know if someone already tested it.
About Octane, my question was if this renderer for Rhino can be used with Bong too?

Bongo should work fine with V-Ray 2.0. What kind of problems are you running into?

I just tested Bongo with the demo version of Octane Render and it seemed to work fine.

Used Bongo 2 with VfR 2 often, works fine here.

Hi @marika_almgren and @Micha, thanks for your comments, I’m just evaluating options and budget.

Hi i m new user of bongo vith vray 2.o and when i try to do a videorender of an animation the render doesn t continue after the first frame and i don t know how to make it works…tanks for time

Under visOptions -> Global switches, be sure that Batch render is checked.


I recently finished a whole 3-hour lynda course on animating with Bongo AND rendering with V-Ray. The course covers animating a studio-based product turntable, a architectural walk-through, and then editing and compositing with After Effects. If you’re not a lynda.com member, here’s a link for 10-days free. Sweet!