Vray edges of the textures are black

Hi community,

I am fighting with VRay again.
I have an issues see images:

on the top of the leave the lines are black on the edge

and on the bottom they arent.

It has something to do with the materials but I cant figure it out.
I use textures for color, glossiness, normal map bump, transulancy and opacity.

Hope someone knows what the issue is.



Try this: switch to advanced settings in the material editor, and in the opacity map section of your leaf material set mode to “Clip” instead of Stochastic.

Thank you for the quick reply. I love the forum!
It didn’t work though haha. I deconstructed my steps:

  1. Load FBX
  2. Import de albedo on the color
  3. Import glosiness as texture
  4. add normal map

all working fine still… :slight_smile:

  1. add transluncency (volumetric)

  2. Add opacity (stochastic)

It works haha.

What it could be:

  • model is an FBX scale in: cm
  • this time I opened the rhino file in cm
  • previous time I scaled the model to m

For the rest I dont know what could have caused the defect…

All the best



I rotated the object and know where are back :frowning:

I tried your solution: Clip
Didnt work the first time but now it works: