Vray duplicates clipping planes

Has anyone experienced vray plugin duplicating Clipping Planes in the model? It appears to duplicate planes used in viewports (on the sheets).

EDIT1: Just noticed that most likely they are coming from clipping planes in linked blocks. Digging deeper now checking what may fix it.



Seems like there were two overlapping issues - not sure what caused the clipping planes to duplicate, but the other clipping planes in vray came from the linked blocks (a bit hard to tell when they are all called “Clipping Plane#N@”). They were causing issues, because by default Vray makes them “active” in the Rhino scene. They can however be “deactivated” in the linked file and this will be remember next time they are loaded into the scene.

Just another thing to keep in mind I guess whenever creating a new clipping plane. If I were a Vray dev I’d probably set those clipping planes inside linked blocks to “inactive” by default to spare new users some confusion.

Here’s a seagull

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