Vray displacement problem

Hi , i have a problem on displacement and bump which i have been trying to fix but not succesful forma weeks.
Especially i need as soon as possible to get the effect of displacement because i am rendering brick houses.
The problem is that the displacement and bump do not appear in rendering scenes (just flat surface, just diffuse texture) when i start rendering while the asset editor material preview shows correct material surfaces.

Do someone have ideas to solve?
Do i need to change some settings to get displacement effects?

Do you have Displacement on in the Switches category?

Also your material needs to have Displacement turned on and Amount set to the total depth in model units (mm?)

Is it working betteer now?


Hi Jonas

Thanks for advise.

Displacement on in the switches category in my Asset Editor.
Also the amount of displacement is around 5

Is there anything else I can try to fix??

How does the displacement map look like? Does it go all the way from black to white? You could try to go crank the number up to 20 mm and render a closeup.

I personally limited my use of displacement because it caused my computer to run out of memory… :-/

Hi Jonas.!
Thanks for helping.

I solved the problem by making “amount” very big number.
The object in the scene is around 10M and I set the texture amount around 35.
The other new problem is the preview of the material like the picture below.


The displacement is toobig compared to the scale of the texture, so the preview image is not working anymore.
Maybe not possible to solve this?

I understood from your comment, that the displacement should be limited as this cases very slow rendering. Very helpful.
Maybe that is the reason why there are no texture with the displacement layer in v-ray material library…