VRay 5 Not Rendering Lands Design Plants Correctly

I am having an issue with VRay 5 and Lands Design and the plants seem to be rendering correctly except for the edges of the leaves, this happens with multiple plants and have not changed anything with the materials. Should I be changing the materials or is there something I am setting up wrong?

Hi @Hyoid
Can you please tell us which species you have tested? In this way, we can modify them. At the moment I suggest you to use these plant species which are similar to what appears in the image:

Laurus nobilis or Pinus contorta.

I took a second look and the issue seems to be with how the render is displaying in the VRay viewport, the artifacts are at the edges of the leaves but the render exported as a png looks fine as the sky and the white edges appear the same color. I think the issue I was seeing is a quirk of VRay’s rendering process.

Thank you,

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Great! But if you tell us which species they are, we can check them again. Thanks in advance,