VRay 3.6 vrcene compression

First of all - VRay 3.6 is amazing. Finally! Can’t wait to get it on Rhino 6.

I need someone to break down something from me.

One of our interns started converting all of our 3ds max model libraries to vrscenes, so we can instantly import them into Rhino.
When exporting a vrscene from 3ds Max it asks if you want the scene to be compressed.
What is it actually compressing? Should we export scenes as compressed or not.

My studio doesn’t necessarily render out huge heavy renders. We try the keep it optimized as we can. So we don’t render out with very large maps.
If vrscene is compressing the texture maps - how much does it compress, since I’ve done few renderings of a new project and I can’t see any difference.


PS. here’s a screenshot

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The documentation says it is just Mesh data, which I am assuming is a lossless compression method.


I believe vrscenes are just txt files so you should be able to view the differences in Notepad or using a merge tool such as WinMerge.

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