Vray 3.6: Only 16 threads for 32Go RAM only CPU


I’m working on a i9 processeur and 32Go RAM ( 4 x 8 Go) Desktop Machine.
When i render, i only get 16 threads and i can not find a way to use all the 32 Go of RAM.

  • Is there a way / Setting to configure the system as on 3ds max to use the maxim of ressource?
  • How can i render with the CPU



Hi Mrcodepro,

What kind of i9 you have there ? Only i9 X and i9 XE families have more than 8 cores (16 “threads”).
I don’t think I understand the bullet points correctly. Having tons of RAM also require to put in something there in order to “use” it. Are you sure your scene actually needs 32 GB of memory ?
I totally do not understand the second bullet point (especially in relation with the first one)
Please be more specific

Thank you.

Hi Nikilay,
Sorry i post it on a rush. Here are the PC components.

CPU: Intel Core i9-9900KF -
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 -
RAM: Corsair CMW16GX4M2C3000C15 4x8GB -

My scene is very demanding and i noticed that the only 16 threads were rendering instead of 32.
So i want to find a way to use the whole capacity.

The second point is about the GPU which is not used (only 1 to 2%). Not sure if it is related to Vray or my PC configuration.

Your CPU only has 16 threads possible.

Using GPU rendering in Vray is up to your settings in Vray.

There’s no such thing as “using all your 32 GB RAM” to get maximum performance, any program will use all it needs (and then some.)

@JimCarruthers is correct, KF series has only 8 cores thus 16 “threads”
To utilize both the CPU and the GPU together, you have to switch to the GPU engine and check both the graphic card(s) and the CPU

Thank u guys, i thought there would be 32 threads for 32 of RAM lol.
I’ll try these settings right away. :slight_smile: