Vray 3.6 for Rhino 6

Hello everyone.
I came across a vray 3.6 + Rhino 6 issue. It is very annoying and time consuming - hopefully there is a workaround.
In some scenes, after creating a new vray material (any type, even the simplest generic one), Rhino 6 freezes for a random amount of time. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds for everything to come back to normal but sometimes it takes even 5-10 minutes !


Help pls!

//Running Rhino 6 on an I7 6700K with an ASUS 1080 strix and 32 GB of ram…

Hi @horia.spirescu

I’ve updated my Rhino 6, and had uninstalled vray to try and have a fresh setup. But now after downloading a fresh Vary installer, I can’t seem to get Vray to come up in Rhino 6. Did you have any problem with this?

It’s not listed in the Plugins page. I’m happy to help with your problem, if you can help me with mine!


Have you also tried downloading and installing the latest Licence Server?

Should be 5.1.1 I think…

Yes, I did, thanks.

Should I have todo anything other than go through the Vray Installer after downloading?