Voxel Support


We are wondering if you plan on supporting voxel components from these plugins. We are using these in our manufacturing pipeline and were wanting to render them:

  1. Kangaroo Physics .099 - MeshMachine Static (Cull- duplicate curves and Cull- duplicate points)
  2. Crystallon- Voxel made easy (lattice tool)
  3. Dendro - Voxel tool (lattice tool)

We will have to look into the functionalities of these plugins. Culling duplicate curves and points is likely possible with other plugins than Kangaroo, which we cannot allow unfortunately. As for the other ones, it might take a while before we can check them and start supporting them.
If you need many custom plugins for your applications, and if you are not able to find workarounds using scripts and supported plugins, consider a dedicated Enterprise system.