Voronoi stuff

voronoi.gh (11.3 KB)
i cant figure how to remove the smaller geometries forming inside the base dome brep,when im trying to scale only the surface edges of the voronoi dome
or is there a better way to do a shell like vororonoi dome frame

I’m not quite sure of your goal but you need to see the results of each component better. Split Brep is not like Split Srf. For each cutter it generates one very large result (which you don’t want) and one or more smaller results which I think you want to join together before scaling.

I used a cluster I wrote called Srf EL to sort the results from Split Brep, then Shift List to ignore the largest one in each branch.

voronoi_2020Sep24a.gh (18.0 KB)

P.S. I think it works better to use the PopGeo points as the centers for Scale.

voronoi_2020Sep24b.gh (13.9 KB)

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i wanted to make this

Oh. You weren’t even close.

Here is what I would call a reasonable approximation: (be patient, it takes awhile, ~20 secs.)

voronoi_2020Sep24c.gh (13.4 KB)


amazing…thanks…grasshopper too hard