Voronoi on sphere

Hello! Please, do someone know how to make a voronoi skin on a sphere? I think that the problem is that I don’t know how find a normal vector of every surface of the diagram. I’m confused. Thanks for the help!

Split_Sphere_Voronoi_WIP.gh (24.2 KB)

Here’s an example from a previous posting; I substituted a sphere for the chair-shape in the original post as a means of giving you a quick response. This solution is somewhat complex, but it works well. For a shape as simple as a sphere I’m sure there are much simpler solutions.

Voronoi_smooth-sphere.gh (153.2 KB)

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Split_Sphere_Voronoi_re.gh (25.5 KB)

Like this?


You can get some other examples here :



Super! Another time, thank you! :grin:

Very interesting, thanks!