Voronoi on complex surface slow


Im using voronoi to divide surface on specific points (pretty dificult, curved) and evaluate area. It takes a long time (in matter of seconds) to process. Is there any other way to make it faster? Please find attached script.
voronoi test_02.gh (12.6 KB)


voronoi test_02_re.gh (14.4 KB)

True, but I want surface output as well (for color legend). Paching would be one option but it adds about 50%-60% of compute time. Is it possible to avoid patching?

In general, I was expecting something in matter of milliseconds so it would be responsive to quick changes.


Why patching planar curves ?
You can also use Boundary Surfaces, it seems faster.

@HS_Kim ’ s solution works well, you can just convert the final curve regions into surfaces (just use a Surf parameter).
Yes, always avoid Patch command if not strictly needed.

Here another solution voronoi test_02_re2.gh (10.8 KB)

Thank you all for correct answers. Learned a lot. @maje90 your script is what I was looking for. Its fast (enough for me) :slight_smile: