Voronoi makes round oval + voronoi question

Hello people! I have a voronoi problem + a question that if answered would help a lot!

The problem is that I´m doing voronoi on this organic shape but for some reason there are little ovals and round shapes around the whole brep. They are not much, but they ruin the whole concept of the design, even if they are small. Why is this happening? You can see the photos attached (and the files)

My other voronoi question is: can you make different voronoi densities on the same shape? meaning that the same shape has more holes on the top and less holes on the bottom with a progressive transition? If so, could anyone tell me how? Please, this is very important job.

kalil GH.gh (8.7 KB)

Thank you very much, this forum is the best that happened to the 3D community.

Perhaps it would help if you scale up the bounding box?

kalil_2023Feb6a.gh (10.4 KB)