Voronoi grid + creating waves

hi guys ive been trying to get multiple layers on this with each layer being a different voronoi grid, where each curve would consist of 2 lower points from the layer below and 1 point from the point above

would anyone be able to give some insights on how i can do this? any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!
Voronoi_Internal.gh (25.4 KB)

Get the attached that does what you said but it won’t help you at all (is pure C# code). That said if you want to “combine” (so to speak) the curves (say one top VS 2 neighbor splitted segments) then you’ll need output based on polyline edge/edge connectivity (and splitted pieces).

BTW: Vor cells from rnd points ARE NOT suitable for any rational/real-life structure for more than obvious reasons (tiny unpredictable segments etc etc).

Curve_FromVorPolyline_EntryLevel_V1.gh (122.6 KB)

but based on the script, would it be possible to have even more layers like 10?

See attached

Curve_FromVorPolyline_EntryLevel_V2.gh (120.9 KB)