Voronoi buggy?

I was playing around with point grids and voronoi patterns, and the voronoi component seems to generate unexpected lines here and there. Is this a known bug? And is there a way to good way to get around this?

I was guessing this might be a tolerance issue, but messing with the document units doesn’t seem to change anything.

voronoi point grid.gh (12.9 KB)

When points are very well aligned like yours you are at the limit of what can be solved.
So if you add a little random it seems better

voronoi point grid.gh (16.6 KB)

And as you use Clipper it is to be noticed that Clipper in order to be robust don’t work with double but with integers. So the tolerance you input in Clipper is just used to scale the double to integer.
" Why does Clipper use integer coordinates, not floats?

This has been done to preserve numerical robustness. Early versions of the library did use floating point coordinates, but it became apparent that floating point imprecision was always going to cause occasional errors."

Thanks for the solution, that’s something I would have ever considered without your input!