Voronoi and then offset error

Hi I have used offset to make each voronoi cell have a smaller offset, and I assume the error is maybe the order of the points in the original voronoi, but what would be a good way to fix it? should I just reset the points themselves?


not sure why you linked me to that page, but it doesn’t really help much

Generally, it’s very hard for people to help you when you only attach a picture. Please attach the gh definition with any Rhino geometry internalized.

Perhaps it was this page that Tim had in mind:

Hello there, I have the similar problem with offset. Some polylines generate no ofset curve at all or a really broken curve, usually very small. This has to be caused by some small segments in the original polyline, but When I use offset command in Rhino, it usually works fine. What is the difference between the Rhino command and Grasshopper command offset?