Voronoi 3D - Loft component does not create all the surfaces

Hi, I’m an architecture student. I need to use voronoi 3d for my final project. I’ve been working according to a tutorial but there’s bug that I have and I cannot solve it. I made the mesh from Rhino, not grasshopper. After Voronoi 3D, I get the curves but when I loft them, some of the surfaces are not created. If I apply with 800 points, half of them are gone, if I chose 750 nearly all of them appears but I cannot achive to have all them.
Sharing the screenshot. I’ll be really happy if someone can help.
Thank you very much already.

These images are not helpful, what does the error say, post your file.

Thank you so much for your time.
shell.3dm (429.3 KB) shell.gh (10.7 KB)

Instead of using Loft, I use Ruled Surface and unifying face normal directions of the results…

shell_re.gh (104.6 KB)

In case if I want some thickness and smoothness, then I would go with mesh(with weaverbird)…

shell_reV2.gh (108.3 KB)


Thank you so much, I’ve been struggling with this because of my lack of knowledge on grasshopper. I really appriciate it.