[VOLVOX] Using crop tool to output different pointclouds, one per cropping region UI

Hi everyone (and specially @MateuszZwierzycki),

I have been trying to create different pointclouds out of a big one using the box crop utility. Apparently the Cloud Engine doesn’t like multi-branch in his inputs so, as soon as I graph the list of Breps in the input of BCrop, CloudX stop producing results (it generates pointclouds with 0 points in).

BTW, I grafted both inputs because the component seems not to be doing the data matching by itself.

Is this possible? Am I doing it in the wrong way? Any help will be appreciated.

PS.: Currently I’m running the same def with the inputs of the Cloud Engine flatten. I’ll report any result. -> Nope, it didn’t work either…:frowning:

Thanks in advance.

The Engine components are deliberately written to work with a single point cloud only. The input data tree is flattened internally. Workaround - use Anemone to iterate the list of point clouds/crop regions.


At the end I used a counter + timer and feed it into the box item selection. It did the work. Other workaround is to animate an slider.

Thanks for the tip!

P.S.: as volvox code is published if we keep having projects requiring this workflow I’ll try to tinker some components to deal with this.