Volumetric Meshing

Are there any plugins or methods to go about volumetric meshing? I’m curious about how the process would work…specifically volumetrically meshing with quads.

See this recent discussion

Also to add another to the ones I mentioned there-

Is there any equivalent plugin of tetrino for rhino 6?

Have you tried? Not that I know what the expected output is but it seems to be running fine on Rhino 6 here.

Actually you are right. It works perfectly. I can’t find out how to join the mesh between two different solids though.

The script is a bit messy but I was just testing it.

Tetrahedra mesh.gh (17.1 KB)

Try to align vertices first then join.

I’m very interested in volumetric tools as well, and I have tried Tetrino and Dendro, but experience different problems with each:

  1. Tetrino doesn’t seem to close/fill gaps between open meshes (to planes above each doesn’t get the gap between them filled)

  2. Dendro - Could be only “operator failure” by me, but I have not been able to fill open meshes without expanding the mesh. And Dendro Volume based on mesh input tends to not fill up the mesh all the way to the surface.

If I for example let Dendro build Volumes based on vertices or edges, the final mesh surface will expand the surface a radius distance larger than the vertices defining the surface.

My aim is to close open meshes and in so doing, “filling” them as to get rid of small internal meshes (typical residue from medical scans) and this is what I have failed to achieve with volumetric approaches so far. But if someone has had better experiences of some volumentric (or other) method and want to share, I’d be listening very carefully… :slight_smile:

// Rolf