Volume plasticity - Shaping an elastic volume with a solid volume

I wonder if I can get some suggestions about how to achieve this:

I have two volumes, a sphere and a box. I want the box to fall on top of the sphere (box moves only in z direction, no rotations) and get this action to shape the sphere accordingly (see picture attached). Let’s imagine the sphere is a balloon and the box is some kind of tile. As the tile moves downwards, the balloon would acquire certain shape.

I’ve tried several things but haven’t yet fully understood how to achieve this relatively simple exercise.

Any suggestions are very welcome!

shaping_volumes.gh (28.5 KB)

beanbagsquish.gh (40.8 KB)


@DanielPiker would be nice if it could act as a balloon too where the volume stays the same :slight_smile:

The volume stays relatively constant even after pressing the box into the bag. I think this mimics the way an balloon would behave because the volume inside would decrease a bit because of the air being compressed.

ah, I didn’t look at the gh file but indeed it is set up like that!

Great, thanks @DanielPiker! ‘bean bag squish’ was just what i was looking for.