Volume for a subd

I can’t seem to get the volume to work on a subd object

counter.3dm (194.6 KB)

Hi Kevin - Volume works on this object, here -

Command: Volume
Calculating volume… Press Esc to cancel
Volume = 0.0114319798 (+/- 4.8e-10) cubic inches


wow, i have never got the volume to work on a subd and the file i uploaded here i still get error unable to calculate volume. if i convert it to a NURBS object I get the same volume as you got, but error on subd

Hi Kevin- it’s possible a bug was fixed in the version I have - the latest here.


if i create a new subd, still will not calculate volume
subd.3dm (75.5 KB)

Hi Pascal,

Here it works if object preselected but not if post-selected. Maybe that’s the difference between the two of you?

Edit: Rhino 7.24.22301.23001, 2022-10-28


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Preselect Rules. Thanks, I’ll check when the Zoom meeting ends…

RH-71241 Volume: Fails on post-select


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preselect here works, post select does not… that feels buggy.

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ok, now I can get it to work, that helps.

RH-71241 is fixed in the latest WIP