Volume Brep-Mesh


I’m trying to calculate the volume of a brep, but sometimes VolumeMassProperties function is slow, then I convert the brep to mesh and calculate the volume.

I have a brep that when I convert it to a mesh, the volume of the mesh (763555 mm3) is so different than the brep (747676 mm3). I try to convert mesh with hight resolution, but the volume always is so different from the brep, why is this happening?

How does the function work to calculate the volumen? creating internally a mesh ? and in this case, what parameters does the function use?

I add the file.
volumeErrorBrep.3dm (5.1 MB)

Thanks in advance.

Keep in mind that Breps contain smooth, accurate surfaces, and meshes are just polygon approximations of smooth surfaces. So the volume results between the two will always be different.