VisualSFM to Rhino or Grasshopper


I am an architecture student looking into software that can convert videos/images into point clouds. After I have a point cloud, I would like to bring the point clouds into Rhino/Grasshopper and hybridly work with point clouds and normal rhino modelling objects.

Currently, I have been trying out VisualSFM as a way of getting point clouds. I have translated videos into images into point clouds in the file format as .nvm or .ply files, but I can not figure out how to get Rhino to open the .ply files. I have tried an intermediate step with Meshlab to try to convert the .ply point cloud to another file type. In either case when I import my points into Rhino nothing appears. How can I use point clouds in Rhino? How do I import .ply files into Rhino and the points show up?

I uploaded what the file looks like in the VisualSFM file. It is a point cloud that shows a lamp and aspects of a room. It isnt very clean because it is a test. I place to use different photos once I figure out the process of getting the files into rhino.

Thank you very much in advance!