Visualizing Octopus results with Wallacei Analytics

Hi @milad.showkatbakhsh, @mmakki_10, and Dear Community

I ran the example file of Wallacei with Octopus and want to visualize the charts with Wallacei Analytics. There is a component in Wallacei that can do it. The inputs need “Text files form Octopus” and “Number of Ind per Gen”.
I exported the text files for all my Gen and objectives from Octopus and it gives me a note for each Gen that contains Gen number as the header and objective values for each individual.
Since I ran the simulation for 100 Gen, there is 100 text file and I imported them to a file path component but I can’t visualize them with Wallacei Analytics.
Anyone can help me?

Wallacei X_Example (15.1 MB)


you are using the ‘file path’ component to read the files… which doesnt work. Instead you should use the ‘read file’ component.

Thanks @mmakki_10. It seems Wallacei Analytics components are so useful.