Visualizing data project [work in progress]

A three-day project about visualizing data in order to relate six different variables among two different sets of data (from two different companies). This is a work in progress as I’m still waiting for one table to be delivered in higher resolution.

I am not at liberty to disclose the type of data or what the project is used for, but if you look at the graphs, I think you’ll be able to deduct what it’s about sort of.

  • 323 components
  • Two CSV datasets homogenized and compared
  • Six different tables in relation
  • Four years worth of per-day data

This is the first time I’m working with data visualization but it’s a lot of fun and it absolutely makes you realize how important data collection can be if you want to improve things in the long-term. It is also a great lesson in learning how to filter out possible issues (date formats like MMDDYYYY vs YYYYMMDD for example) and working with other unexpectedly illogical data collection methods. The only option to link the datasets was through using the date stamps.

I wish I had started doing data visualization years ago as I now also start to see the value of collecting your own data. This has led to some new creative ideas for sure that I hope to accomplish in the near future.

The hardest part was figuring out how to find numbers that lie within a specific set of 17 different domains and then replacing each number with a character that belong to that domain which turned out to be quite simple after figuring this out. Beyond that it was a lot of restarting Rhino because of accidentally connecting an ungrafted dataset to a grafted dataset, causing Rhino to hang.

The GH document now needs to be cleaned up and precisely labeled, inputs and outputs need to be sorted and there are some small edits that still need to be done, but all in all this project has been a blast to design.
Sometimes I wish groups would lie on top of wires that are not in or connected to components in said group!

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