Visualization problems

Hey! Does anyone knows hot to fix this problems with the visualization. There is like a kind of sand, grain in the surface.

Thanks for the help

What display mode are you using?
Have you diddled it’s settings?
What Lights do you have turned on?

Im using Render mode, but it also appears in the others display modes.
Yes I looked within the properties, try to figured it out, but haven’t changes anythings, just turned off the shadows.

Open the Light Panel in the inspector panel.
Try turning the Sun On and the Skylight Off.

Any better?

No, is the same. Here is the image

Is there any possibility that the problem is within the computer, the processor or the memory?

Or the iso-curves? This is a model from a topographic study made for a project that we are working in the office, and the polylines have an incredibly amount of points.

Is that mesh a long way away from 0,0,0? The rendering mesh can get weird if the model is too far from the origin? If you measure the location of a point on that mesh, what are the coordinates?

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Thanks Scott, you really saved the day !!

John, Scott advise fixed the bug, thanks for the helping me out with those tips anyway.

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