Visualisation bug

Hi ShapeDiver team!

I ran into a problem whereby shapediver website refuses to visualise geometry that was part of a data tree even though all final outputs are flattened:
test2_surface (19.5 KB)

The first part is fine but the one where the normals are in a data tree fails to visualise even when I flatten it in the end.


If you are running with a free ShapeDiver account, your account is linked to Rhino 6 servers. Otherwise please try and make sure the definition runs fine in Rhino 6 locally. Let me know if that helps.

Hi Matthieu,

Yes the definition is completely standard and runs fine locally.
I’m currently using a free account but I’m not sure what that has to do with it- do you mind explaining what the constraints are?
It just feels like a bug on my end


The only difference in this case is that when you upload a model it will run on our servers that use Rhino 6. Therefore you need to open your definition locally in Rhino 6 and make sure it works as expected there. I opened your definition in Rhino 6 and as far as I can see, it fails to run correctly there.

Thanks Mathieu!

The problem was data tree mapper notation difference in R7.
What is the approximate script response time improvement if we are to move to a subscription?

It is difficult to evaluate the improvement in average response time at the moment, we will compile more statistics in the future to give a rough idea. Paid accounts are prioritized regarding cloud workers picking up computation requests, therefore they complete in usually shorter times. You can start a free trial of a Designer or Business account to evaluate the difference in practice.