VisualArq Wall "blending"

Complete newbie, forgive my silly questions…
Following a tuto (Ville Savoye), I encounter a few problems, one of them being the way walls blend with each other. See the picture, the glass wall is connected to the door with a solid wall.

To the left, the wall blends behind the glass, to the right, It comes in front. Same geometry (mirrored curve), I tried to move a bit to the right, to the left, stop the wall before It touches the glass, nothing changes.
Any idea?
Thank you

Hi @marchermitte,

I think that the problem may be related to the wall joint between these walls. Select the two walls, and go to the properties panel. Then select the “Wall Joint” tab and then change the wall joint until you get the desired result:


Here are some information about wall joints:



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Cool. Thank you, your answers are always fast and precise.