VisualARQ to TwinMotion workflow: how to deal with materials


I’m trying to make a synchronized link between a VisualARQ design (so consisting of Rhino “smartblock”) and TwinMotion. As such this is working but I’m struggling with material assignments.

First of all, on walls, I’m trying to have a different material on the inside of a wall than on the outside.
As far as I know, subselection of faces to apply different materials does not work on Rhino blocks.
So alternatively, I’ve tried to define a wall which has a thin layer on one side of the wall simply for material purposes.
The latter approach has 2 disadvantages:

  1. The layer is always there also in technical drawings. Making it invisible is not an option as it creates gaps
  2. While this allows coloring the side of the wall in 2 different colors in TwinMotion (what I wanted), all walls of this same “blocktype” will color all the same. They cannot be addressed individually for coloring.

Can anybody help me in solving me problem. I want to apply different materials on inside/outside of walls and choose different materials per individual wall.

Thanks in advance for your help,


If you need to do a wall with different materials in the inside and the ouside, then I guess that wall is composed by more than one layer. In that case, you can edit the wall style, select the outter layer and apply a material by layer and then, do the same with the inner layer. This way you will not need an extra layer.

Assigning materials to VisulARQ components by object is not possible yet, but I’ll add your vote to that feature.

Hello Alfonso,

Using 2 layers on a wall style does translate well into TwinMotion so that is what I’m doing for the moment: make a wall with the width it needs + a thion layer of 0.05 m on one side to represent the interior wall covering. Because the inner layer is so thin, it does not disturb the 2D plans on which it is visible

Thanks again for your help,

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