Visualarq import of IFC assembly and losing tags

I use VisualARQ (ver 1.9) to import IFC from predominantly Tekla. I have 2 issues
i) when importing a Tekla assembly, which has tagged items, all that information is lost when the block is exploded?

ii) The individual items in the IFC have a host of material information, but none of this imported in. See image from a BIM viewer as an example.

Hi @David_Arthurs,
First of all, I encourage you to upgrade to VisualARQ 2. The 1.9 version is a few years old and the IFC import and export features (as well as many other features) have improved a lot in version 2. And the upgrade to VisualARQ 2 is free for VisualARQ 1 users. You just need to use your VA1 license in the update form, and you will receive the VA2 license by email:

That being said, right now VisualARQ doesn’t read the properties of objects inside blocks, in IFC files. Only those assigned directly to the block. For that reason when you explode the block, some properties are lost. And for the same reason, the individual items in the IFC file don’t have the information of the host object. We will study if we can implement this feature in future versions (import and export IFC properties stored in geometry inside blocks). If you can share that IFC file as sample, it would be helpful. You can send it to