VisualARQ for Rhino 7 WIP?

Is there a version of VisualARQ that works on Rhino 7 WIP?

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Hi Charles, not yet, we are working on that. But there will be a VisualARQ 3 WIP version available for Rhino 7 soon.


Thank you for this news!

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Hi Francesc,
Could you confirm if subD object will be usable inside VA objects, as for furniture or elements, and my last wish is to be compatible with V7 for mac, because both V7 plugins should normally be compatible?
Thank you for your answer

Hi @antoine, yes, we plan to support sub-d geometry for Furniture and Element objects.
But there are no plans in short term to make VisualARQ compatible with MAC yet. You can read more about this topic here: VisualARQ for Mac

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Hi @fsalla thank you for your answer , and keep working on it, because it is a very very good software

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Any update on a Rhino 7 WIP beta?

Has there been an update for running VisualARQ on Rhino 7 WIP? I’m excited to try some of the new drafting features with VisualARQ

Hi @seflorance we are working on that. I’ll let you know when we release a version of VisualARQ for Rhino 7 WIP.


@fsalla. Has there been any updates on VisualARQ for Rhino 7? I would definitely like to start an upcoming project of mine in that version of Rhino

Yess! The second you release that thing, I’ll switch to R7.

@Eugen, @williams8562, the upcoming VisualARQ 2.9 version update will be available for Rhino 7 WIP. We will publish it in a few weeks.

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@fsalla. Great news! Hopefully it comes out before October. Keep up the good work with the program!

@williams8562, @seflorance, @ttraber, @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V, @antoine

I’m sure you might know that VisualARQ 2.9 is already available for Rhino 7. I just realized I didn’t inform you about it in this post yet, as I promised.

You can create VisualARQ Element or Furniture objects from SUBD geometry now.

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Yes, thank you for following up Francesc

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