VisualARQ feature request: order is the sections panel

Dear @alfmelbev,

It would be very nice to have folders in the sections panel. Is this sometime planned in the future to create this?
Otherwise, very helpful would be to move sections up and down in the list, to create some sort of order. As you see it currently looks like this and its often a bit of a hassle to find the right one, see screenshot.

I’m looking forward to your reply.


Hi @david25,

We didn’t have this request in our list yet, but I have just added it for future development.

As for the order, we were thinking about having the possibility to sort sections by name. Would that work for you?

Thank you, that is wonderful!

Yes this would already be a great first step!

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There is a great simplicity that the same vaSection views work for exterior elevations, interior elevations, and sections.
But I totally agree with @david25 it can get disorganized in the section panel. It would be nice to be able to organize these into a kind of category in the sections panel. That could be a subfolder, or organizing it by ‘section view style’, or adding some comments or description to the views.


Yes these are also great ideas to get it organised!

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