VisualARQ + enscape texture mapping

Hi, I have an issue regarding VisualARQ Objects when trying to prepare a file for enscape. Just setting a texture doenst let me to modify UVW scale nor rotation, seem like texture mapping doesnt influence overall enscape preview. It does “work” whe going through “blockedit” on every object, however it is by no means an efficient way since the slightest change in the model resets everything.
I sthere any way to have a proper texture mapping of visualarq object when that would translate well in Enscape renders?
Thank you beforehand, its a real head scratcher!

Witch version of enscap?

It’s a long running problem on Enscape’s end. It’s been discussed for years at this point, @enric even chimed in on the exact issue and how to fix it back in 2020. But it doesn’t seem to be high on Enscape’s todo list.

The block edit method seems to work best, with a nuclear option to just explode everything if you only need the model for renderings.

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and just updated to the latest

its what i ended up doing, which is relatively cumbersome since you have to optimise the “interaction” between objects for a more fluid explode. Also the resulting number of objects make it longer to prepare for render. Hopefully visualarq wont cause any issues on enscape soon enough