VisualARQ - draw plugs, switches, internet hubs, water pipe, boiler, etc

I downloaded the 30 day trail of this Rhino plug in. I played with walls, doors, windows, areas of rooms and some other whatnot. I do interior design and I want to speed my work. Using the build in elements I can really fast get quantities when in comes to construction. I can get door and window count etc.
During the design the location of other important things is considered - plugs, switches, boiler, position of pipes for the water in the kitchen and bathroom, etc. I would like to know if there is a way to position them in the 3D space, so that later I can do a cross section of each wall and give it to contractors with the specific dimensions of the position of everything on the walls?

I guess I might add elements (i will model them) to the furniture sections, but a plug or a switch does not really fit into the category of furniture.

Is there a tutorial of a room being modeled using VisualARQ?


To add those kind of objects you can use the Generic Element category:


This category is meant to be used when none of the others match.
You can assign any IFC category to generic elements:


The element should be modeled with Rhino and converted to a Rhino block first. Then when you create a Generic Element Style you will be able to specify the block definition as the 3D representation of the element. Optionally you can specify also a custom 2D representation instead of the default 3D block sectioned.

If you want to create a Generic Element parametric style instead, you can do it with a Grasshopper definition. Take a look at that tutorial:

About the tutorial on how to model a room, we don’t have any because we don’t go into that level of detail, mainly because for now VisualARQ doesn’t have specific tools for those kind of elements. This is the link to the main tutorial on how to model a building:

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Hi, thanks for the detailed explanation. So ok, this will fit my purpose. You now mentions that I have an element in my 3d model, say a generic european plug with two pins and in a 2d plan view I can make it appear as whatever I want. Now, my question can I have the original look in the 3D, a different representation in plan view and a third way of showing it in a cross section cut of a wall?

Thanks again for the quick answer!


This is not possible, however we can study this option for future versions.

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