VisualArq Different Units in Revit

Hello. I have a problem with the units when I import a Rhino file(made in VisualArq) in Revit. The units are different and the volume of some elements are calculated in square meters and some others in cubic meters. Do you know how to solve it? Thank you!

Hello @simon_nordland,

Which volumes are calculated in square meters? Could you send us an example of these issues?

@alfmelbev here you can see in the first pictures how the IFC elements are appeared in other softwares and in the last picture is how they are in my model in Rhino. Thank you!!

Alfonso Melero Beviá

@alfmelbev you can see that the volume of some columns are calculated in m3 and some other in liters.

Hi @simon_nordland,

Are there any differences in the way you modelled objects whose volume is being shown in liters and the other objects? Could you send me the file to check what is the reason for this behaviour?

Hello @alfmelbev ,

You can dowload the file here:

In the pictures you can see some of the elements, calculated in liters.


The way I modelled all the elements are in visualarq.

Thank you for your help!

Hello @simon_nordland,

I have been checking your file to figure out what is going on. I have imported it to Revit and Solibri. In Revit all the volumes I checked are shown in m3, while in Solibri I see some of them are shown in liters. As it is imported fine to Revit, it looks like the VisualARQ exporter is working well, so the problem could have something to do with the Solibri importer. Please, report this to the Solibri technical support team to check that everything is working fine from that side.

@alfmelbev Thank you very much for your help!

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