VisualARQ Changed all the units of my files when I open them

I worked in Imperial unit all the time for the last 4 years. And after I install visualarq this month, every old file I opened will automatically changed to metric unit. What is the reason for that? Even if I changed the unit back to imperial manually, once I paste an object into the file, it changes back to metric instantly after I do the paste. Can anyone explain this stupid feature to me?

Hi @OstiumAxioma1,

VisualARQ shouldn’t change your document units. This is the first time someone reported this bug.

Do you have any other third-party plug-ins installed?
Do you have any other Grasshopper add-on installed?

Can you please try to disable Tibidabo and VisualARQ from the plugins options, and then restart Rhino, and try to reproduce the issue? Please, make sure Grasshopper is also loaded in this test.