VisualARQ 3 Beta released!

Hi everyone,

The new VisualARQ 3 Beta version is available for download.

If you own a VisualARQ 2 license key, you can download and try it out!

This version brings most of the new features expected in the final release. Some features are not yet available, but they will be as we get close to the final release. Check them out here.

Please, report all bugs, issues, or suggestions to us, using Rhinoceros Forums, or sending an email to

:information_source:   While in Beta, only the Rhino 8 installer will be published.
        Final release will be available for both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 (for Windows).

Enjoy it!


VisualARQ 3 Beta 2 (2024-01-29) now available:


  • Parameter:
    • #13550: Filters feedback in custom parameters
  • Grasshopper: Style:
    • #13217: Show height parameter in the style properties panel window for wall created from a grasshopper style
  • Clashes:
    • #13557: Add hard clashes tolerance in clash tests


  • Object: Openings:
    • #13532: “Auto” default value for leaf sizes
  • Interface:
    • #13225: Change name in section manager commands


  • Crash:
    • #12120: Rhino 8 crashes at launch when using .NET Core
    • #13524: VisualARQ crashes when opening this file regenerating the model
    • #13429: Rhino hangs when opening this file
  • Parameter:
    • #13549: Duplicated object types in parameter filters
  • API: Script:
    • #13564: AddBeamStyleSizeProfile method returns an empty GUID
    • #13571: AddBeamsFromCurves method is not working if the curve is not planar
  • Level:
    • #13363: Sub-levels disappear from lateral views when I select a level in the level manager
    • #13535: Wall doesn’t move to new level’s elevation
    • #13556: No way to create building when no site is created yet in the document
  • View:
    • #13511: Jogged section corrupted
  • Grasshopper: Style:
    • #13543: Wall joint error of walls created as Grasshopper styles in millimeters file
    • #13520: 2D geometry from a Grasshopper file is not visible in an Annotation style
    • #7351: Curve in Annotation from GH style is generated as polyline
    • #13216: Wall grasshopper styles don’t keep the height value set in the Grasshopper definition
  • Object: Openings:
    • #13561: Door with variable leaves width is restored to equal width after editing it
    • #13530: Crash copying a door
    • #13531: It’s not possible to edit the leaf size by %
    • #13536: Crash after adding a glass to a door leaf
    • #13423: Door width by fixed dimension doesn’t work
  • Object: Guide:
    • #13555: Snap radius did not work when moving guides
    • #13548: Wrong guide color in Top viewport
    • #13545: Guides don’t hide in Top viewport
    • #13526: Guide bottom position changes when extending it from the top arrow
  • Object: Table:
    • #13434: Difficult to unselect objects from the table
    • #13521: The number of objects in grouped rows in the table panel are not highlighted properly
  • Object: Door:
    • #13537: Wrong plan view representation of a door with variable leaf widths
  • Style:
    • #13513: Plan preview is not showing the correct geometry
  • Clashes:
    • #13496: Crash when switching between clash/tables panel and the layer panel



VisualARQ 3 Beta 3 (2024-02-13) now available:


  • Object: Table:
    • #5749: Order tables by the “quantity” field


  • API: Script:
    • #13662: Having the option to set a None pattern using the SetObjectSectionPattern method
  • Layout:
    • #13597: Make the DWG command cancellable with the escape key.
  • Level:
    • #13229: Detect numbers in level name pattern when creating multiple levels
  • Object: Table:
    • #13582: Add Totals for the “Quantity” field
    • #11448: Use a different color to highlight objects in the model from the table panel
  • Parameter:
    • #13550: Filters feedback in custom parameters


  • Grasshopper: Style:
    • #13642: Set heigh parameter ediable by object by default
  • Parameter:
    • #13579: Changes in Parameter filters names
  • Profile:
    • #12586: Do not show system profiles in the Profile Manager


  • API: Script:
    • #13613: GetBeamEndCutType is not working
    • #13612: GetBeamStartCutType is not working
    • #13610: DeleteParameter method is not working if the parameter has got a value
    • #13609: SetParameterValue method doesn’t accept Null values
  • Attributes:
    • #13498: Do not take into account sub-levels for the overhead representation of objects
  • Crash:
    • #13590: Crash opening VisualARQ 3 for Rhino 8
  • Grasshopper: Style:
    • #13660: Plan representation is not defined after importing a .val file made with VisualARQ 2
    • #13643: Rhino not responding after setting join type to None of walls created as Grasshopper styles
    • #13578: Height parameter is shown double in the Properties panel for objects created with Grasshopper Styles
  • Layout:
    • #13618: Wall intersecton lines appear in DWG exported from layout
  • Level:
    • #13592: Activating the Cut plane of a level should hide the upper levels
    • #13591: Add levels dialog changes the levels status in the viewport
    • #13589: Double-click on a level should hide the upper sub-levels
    • #13575: Building “plan reference” icon cannot be deactivated in VisualARQ 3
    • #13562: Crash after activating a plan reference view
    • #13244: I cannot add sub-levels in this file
    • #12930: I can’t edit the Level in this file
  • Object: Table:
    • #13594: Double-clicking a window in the Tables panel does uncorrectly the zoom extents
    • #13171: Crash selecting properties to group in the table styles dialog
  • Object: Tag:
    • #13599: Tag doesn’t display the border
  • Object: Wall:
    • #13611: I cannot select wall control arrows in Rhino 8
  • VisualARQ to Revit:
    • #13586: Shed roofs are transferred as hip roofs


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