VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.2 released


VisualARQ 2.2 is now available for download.

This release includes some new features and solves most of the issues reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:

New features:

  • Added command vaSplit.
  • Added command vaFillet.
  • Grasshopper Components:
    • Added Update Property component to change a property from a referenced document object.
  • Grasshopper Styles:
    • Element and Furniture objects can be now rotated in 3D.
    • Objects share their block geometry when they are equal, improving speed, memory consumption and file size.
  • Added “All styles” option in vaStylesExport and vaStylesImport commands.


  • Section attributes and parameters are no longer lost when creating or exploding blocks.
  • Added toolbar icon for command vaSlabSubtractStairClerance.
  • Added toolbar “VisualARQ Edit”.
  • Added toolbar “VisualARQ Stairs”.
  • Grasshopper components:
    • IsKindOf now supports VisualARQ objects.
    • Improved speed (+4x) when baking large amount (+1000) of beams.
  • vaSlab command now doesn’t accept self-intersecting curves.
  • vaCurtainWall command now doesn’t stop after the FromCurves option.

Fixed bugs:

  • Grasshopper Components:
    • “type” property didn’t work in Get Property component.
  • Stairs:
    • Some stairs were extended at the top in plan viewports.
    • It was not possible to change properties when inserting a spiral stair.
    • Fixed a bug when generating a balanced stair.
    • Stair slab had sometimes a variable thickness from the start to the end flight.
    • vaStairClearanceContour didn’t work as expected.
    • It was not possible to change tread and riser values in the stair style wizard.
  • Roofs:
    • Fixed vaRoof command when creating shed and gable roofs.
    • Hip roofs created from curves showed a wrong slope count.
  • Texts weren’t shown when inserting annotations.
  • Blocks were not selectable in the last step of the New style Wizard when creating a door, window or column style.
  • Gumball was shown at (0, 0, 0) for VisualARQ annotations.
  • Fixed a crash when saving a Named View in Rhino 6.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting all grip points from a slab subtracted contour.
  • Fixed a hang when copying and pasting a document with spaces.

Known bugs and limitations:

  • Some texts may be shown misplaced (wrong vertical alignment) when running VisualARQ under Rhino 6.5. This is due a bug in Rhino 6.5. Downgrading to Rhino 6.4 or upgrading to Rhino 6.6 (currently in RC stage) is recommended to avoid this issue.
  • Expressions in Grasshopper Params are ignored when displaying the value on VisualARQ properties panel.
  • Texts in VisualARQ annotation objects (spaces, tags, sections, plan views and tables) may use a wrong text height if dimension style model scale is not 1.0.
  • This release is compatible with Lands Beta VI, previous versions are not supported.




Will this resolve the same issue I’m having in Rhino 7?

Hi @3rian.3erk which issue are you having? Just in case, install the most recent VisualARQ version from Update - VisualARQ and report any issues in a new Topic.