VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released

OK, my turn for a small wishlist :wink:

  • profile manager - adding, removing, updating, exporting, importing (maybe something like block manager?)

  • GH pipeline for opening elevation: now for doors / windows table I use external files as an graphical input, but these have to be exploded, Human “Read 3dm file” doesn’t recognize elevations objects

That’s not all, folks :wink:
Cheers, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski,

I didn’t understand very well why you need to explode opening elevations. What do you mean by “use external files as an graphical input”? Please, could you give some more information about your workflow just in case we can find a workaround?

Hello Alfonso,
I want the regular table of doors / windows to look more or less this way:

On regular basis I cannot get such a table, so I have written a GH definition, like this:

The first picture is the result of the definition. It takes all doors / windows, reads their parameters, gets elevation drawing, calculates widths and heights of the table, puts info in it and that’s all. I wanted to show you how it works, but I see that with updated VA there is a new error, i think. The table itself is being drawn, except any text:

Anyway, I need elevation drawings of doors / windows. As long as I cannot get them straight from a model, I use such a method - with the regular Rhino command “save with origin” I export door / windows elevation drawings to external files, explode the entitites it these files, and finally I use Human to get them back to the GH definition:

Importing file with opening elevation gives an error - simply, the Human plugin doesn’t support VA entities… Having a pipeline with opening elevations would make it much simplier.

I would send you my definition, but it is written strictly to my model, in polish, so I would have to send you also all the design files - lots of them, some 300 MB. The worse, I would have to translate some comments, but it takes time…

Cheers, Jaro

EDIT: The external files for opening elevations are quite convenient, as I can edit them any way I like - to add some extra dimensions, descriptions, etc. And this method is fine as it is an extension of my definitions of doors / windows: I have files for 2D / 3D representations of these openings, and I use them as embedded and linked blocks to define VA objects. Maybe you could consider adding another option for elevations of such objects? To add a block as an elevation?

2ND EDIT: In this way you could also solve the problem of LODs: you could have different folders with elements prepared with different detalizations. A simple change of access to such folders gives instant change of level of display. I haven’t tried the method, but my observation is quite good, I think. With a good organization of design files replacing 2D models gives a good result.

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I don’t know how and why, but the problem has got solved, by itself…

Cheers, Jaro

Hi @jerry.bakowski,

Ok, I have already added to our list your request to have Opening Elevations in the Pipeline component. I have added other issues which could be useful for your workflow as well, such as creating Opening Elevations from Grasshopper and having more custom options in the overall Opening Elevations (so that you don’t need to develop a Grasshopper definition). I will keep you updated about this.

We already have an entry in our list to define custom Opening Elevations. I will let you know when this is ready as well.

As for this, I am not sure… I prefer to have this LOD feature available without the need to have folders linked to a file but maybe it can be a possible solution; I will think about it… Thanks for the idea!

Great! Please, let me know if you get this error again.