VisualArq 2 Beta bug?

When I re-open my file random beams are extended far past the line used to create them.

Hi @John_Ellis_III,

Did you saved this file using VisualARQ 1.x or VisualARQ 2.x?

I think this is just a display bug. If you select these beams (or all beams in the document using the command vaSelBeams) and then run the command vaUpdate to regerenary the geometry, every beam should be back to its normal length.

The tecnicay explanation is that VisualARQ tries to share the same geometry (using a shared block definition) for all similar beams, and then a different 1D-scale block transform is used for each beam. But for some strange reason, the shared block definition becomes invalid in you model. Do this happen each time you save and open the same model?



I created the original file in a VisualARQ 2 template. I will try your
suggestion here and let you know if it works.

Thank you for getting back to me!