VisualArq 2.9 Performance Reports?

Hi @kristaps.sveisbergs, if you use the Open command instead of the Import, does Rhino crash when opening IFC files?

Hi @kristaps.sveisbergs could you share one of these files? the crashdump file you sent me doesn’t provide enough information to determine the reason of the crash.
Also, could you disable any third party plugins that do not ship with Rhino (except the IFC Import/Export plugins, VisualARQ, and Tibidabo), and see if the crash persists?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi fsalla
I hope this video will provide a better explanation of my problem.

one third party plugin that could cause this problem is fologram - but I don’t have any idea how to uninstall it.

Hi Kristaps,
Thanks for the video. It makes everything clearer. However, I’m unable to reproduce this error in Rhino 7. Can you check if you have the IFC Import Plug-in enabled? (in Rhino Options > Plug-ins)

that was the problem