Visual Tips V5 not working

Sorry Ive posted this before but im getting no where.
My USB Visual tips V5 no longer plays the videos. I just get a message in the middle of the screen where the video should play which reads This plug-in isnt supported. Im on Windows 10 using Edge which would previously play but now doesnt? Every thing else on the USB works.

@RhinoFabStudio - Andres, can you help?


Yes, Rhino Visual Tips 5 was done long time ago and it used to work with Windows 7 etc. If you would like to send us your invoice from your purchase to or we could add your for FREE to the new site where we have this material running on line. No more USB :slight_smile:

Thanks Andres, I find V5 very useful for revision because I dont use Rhino everyday and even forget some basic modeling tricks.